It is important to use water-based wet wipes that do not harm the baby and adapt to her skin, and that wet wipes for daily use are produced from harmless materials.

Use of Wet Wipes in Baby Care and the Importance of Baby Hygiene

Another important choice of parents who care about their babies’ skin is the use of wet wipes. It is one of the leading products that provide hygiene when changing diapers, during periods when the baby uses diapers. In addition, it also has daily use and cleaning aspects. It is appropriate to use water-based wet wipes that do not harm the baby and adapt to his skin.

Babies are just as sensitive as they are small and in need of help. It is the parents’ responsibility to monitor the health of their babies with compassion and care. At this point, one of the products that need to be paid most attention to is wet wipes, which are by-products and complements of baby diapers.

Baby skin is vulnerable to irritating microbes. Therefore, care should be taken by following clean and hygienic rules to prevent bacteria and harmful substances from harming babies. Wet wipes offer a convenient use here. However, there are important points to consider here.

The main points to consider when buying wet wipes can be listed as follows:

-The PH value of the Wet Wipes should adapt to the baby’s skin and should not be at a pH level that would harm the baby’s skin.

-Wet wipes should not have too heavy essence or too much perfume.

-Products suitable for baby skin are generally water-based products. Water-based wet wipes do not contain any ingredients that could harm babies’ skin. In this case, babies’ sensitive skin will not be irritated.

  • Wet Wipes should not contain materials such as Alcohol, Paraben or Synthetic dye.

The Importance of Using Wet Wipes in Terms of Hygiene

Wet wipes, which have become an integral part of our daily life and baby care, have spread quickly and increased the number of users because they are easy to use and disposable. It has become easier to obtain these products easily even in every market and grocery store. The widespread use of this product also causes poor quality products to enter the market. An issue that needs to be taken into consideration here is the content of the wet wipe and the materials it is made of. Products made from potentially harmful substances and not water-based should not be used in baby care. Although antibacterial products are used in general cleaning, they are not suitable for daily use.

Quality wet wipes can be distinguished according to the quality of the wipe called Spunlace, the clean feeling it gives to people when touched, and the raw materials it contains. Wet wipe manufacturers who produce under the counter should be avoided.

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