In this article, in which we explain the choice of diapers and the need to use diapers suitable for babies’ sensitive skin, issues such as the importance of choosing diapers, which are often used with babies, and choosing which size product for babies of which weight, are evaluated.

Explanatory Information About Diaper Use and Baby Hygiene

Diapers are undoubtedly an important baby care item for parents who care about their babies today.

Parents want to complete the care of their little babies, whom they care for and value and who are a part of their lives, with the most careful and hygienic diapers. It is important to choose diapers that ensure the hygiene of babies and keep their diapers dry and healthy.

Must stay dry

The most important element in baby diapers is that they must have a structure that keeps the baby’s diaper dry.

When the baby pees, if this wetness becomes permanent and is not absorbed by the diaper, it may cause an uncomfortable feeling and diaper rash in the baby. Therefore, diapers with dry surfaces should be preferred and the baby’s health should be protected. The textile surface and the interior must match and ensure this dryness.

Must be absorbent

The most important thing to consider when buying a baby diaper is its absorbency, which keeps the baby’s skin dry. The type of raw materials and absorbent particles used in the diaper increase the quality and absorbency of the diaper.

It should have a structure that feels soft.

The skin of newborn babies is sensitive and prone to irritation. Therefore, in order to avoid damaging the baby’s skin, it is important that it is in the softest texture possible, even if it is not possible to remove some substances from the diaper.

Made from anti-allergen materials

A diaper is an item that comes into contact with the baby’s sensitive skin and stays there for a certain period of time. Therefore, the production of diapers with substances prone to bacteria formation harms the baby’s skin. Excessive use of menthols, deodorizers, lotion-based chemicals may disturb the baby and cause allergies. Therefore, the diaper must be free of substances that are not in its nature and may cause a reaction.

Air Permeable Surfaces

One of the most important elements in baby diapers is that the diaper should not have a structure that prevents the baby’s skin from coming into contact with air.

Diaper that is not heavy and thick

The diaper should be in a structure that will not be a burden on the baby and does not restrict his movement. A diaper that is too heavy and thick will disturb the baby and restrict his comfort zone. Therefore, ergonomic baby diapers should be preferred whenever possible.

Choosing the appropriate size

Taking into account the baby’s age, weight and measurements, a diaper of the exact size should be chosen, neither too small nor too large for the baby.

In this way, the baby will feel comfortable and will be able to move freely.

Must be able to be fixed with Adhesive Side Tapes

An important part of the diaper is the Adhesive Side tapes. Flexible side bands grip the baby’s waist better and provide better comfort to the baby. Therefore, diapers where the adhesive grips the diaper well and the side tapes are flexible should be preferred.


Baby Diapers are among the indispensable items of today. However, it should be known that its use is also high and purchasing economical products contributes significantly to the family budget. Therefore, both quality and economical products should be preferred after experience.

Since babies grow quickly, diaper selection should be made with certain kilogram ranges.

Accepted diaper kg ranges are shown below:

No. 1 Newborn: 2-5 kg

Size 2 Mini: 3-6 kg

Size 3 Midi: 4-9 kg

Number 4 Maxi: 7-18 kg

Number 5 Junior: 11-25 kg

Size 6 Junior Plus: 25+ kg

The importance of making the right choice when buying baby diapers

Not every product produced is of high quality and does not harm baby skin. The most important thing to consider when buying a diaper is whether it is compatible with your baby’s sensitive skin, the baby’s diaper stays dry, the baby can move easily, and the appropriate size product is chosen. Parents who cannot choose the most suitable diaper at first can use the trial and error method to choose and use the product that best suits their budget.

As Melek Kağıt Ürünleri, we have been taking good care of little angels since the day we were founded. We take care to produce products suitable for their skin. We carry out the quality control of our products, which we manufacture in our own facilities from anti-allergen materials, as they enter production. We do not use any raw materials that may be harmful to health. We do our best to make babies comfortable. With the word angel, you can use our products with peace of mind.