About Us


Our company was established in 2017. Founded with the philosophy of accomplishing much in a short time, Melek Paper Products Company always strives to think about how to do better. Since its establishment in the Gaziantep 5th Organized Industrial Zone, it has adopted the production of products that are the address of quality and trust as its company culture. With two separate factories established on a total area of 50,000 square meters, including 15,000 square meters covered, we produce baby diapers, wet wipes, adult diapers, and sanitary pads. As one of the leading manufacturers in our industry, we start each new day with the mindset of what can be done to improve our company and make our products more innovative. Our annual production capacity is 25 trillion baby diapers. We also continue to produce wet wipes, adult diapers, and sanitary pads at a significant capacity.

Melek Paper Products, a company that benefits its country and its employees through the export of baby diapers and other hygienic products from Gaziantep to the world, aims to implement the concept of evolving and changing. Our company, which aims to sell quality products at affordable prices, has come a long way in a short time and has now succeeded in shipping its products to more than 35 countries on four continents including Asia, Europe, Africa, and America. Exporting over 95% of its production, Melek Paper Products has already achieved export figures targeted by many companies. In the field of baby diapers, the company has sought to ensure customer satisfaction from the very first stage with confidence.

Our Vision

To be the most pioneering, innovative, and unifying company in the hygiene sector in the future, leading in production and providing healthy products.

Our Mission

To develop and continuously produce cost-effective and beneficial products with the sensitivity to not harm our valuable dealers, customers, and precious children in the production of our products.