Questioning how much women know about the pads they use. Considering the average value of more than eleven thousand sanitary pads that a woman uses throughout her life, it would be to the benefit of women if they carefully select the pads they use and examine what materials they are made of. Additionally, the points that need to be taken into consideration are also mentioned.

Unrecognizable woman is choosing between pad and tampon in the store, selective focus

Women pay attention to all things that concern their bodies, from the food they eat to the drinks they drink. Nevertheless; They should also be sensitive about the selection of hygienic pads, which are products that are close to their bodies and that they use constantly, and should use the type of pad that best suits their bodies. Human health and comfort should be at the forefront.

The most important issue to consider is the content of the pads. It should be a product that women will feel confident about after using it, with it being produced with anti-allergenic ingredients, suitable for skin sensitivity, ergonomically designed so that it does not disturb women, the suction power and sealing properties of the materials used in it, and its reliable barriers. It may also be desirable to have a product that can be easily used with all types of underwear.

Some users prefer women’s pads made of new generation bamboo and corn fibers. Products made of nonwoven fabric can also be used as long as there is no allergic reaction. For natural products, options such as time to market, widespread use, examination of manufacturing procedures and determination of whether it is truly natural production are also important factors in choosing. We cannot know whether the products produced in every production facility are hygienic or not, so we will have to choose products that we trust and will not let us down.

Hygienic products have been produced in Melek Kağıt facilities for years. Considering factors such as expert production technicians who know their job well, a quality control team, and careful procurement of the materials used in the products as raw materials, it can be seen that anti-allergen products can be purchased with peace of mind.